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Welcome to the therapy practice of Travis Rios (LMFT 127349)

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Life is a precious gift with endless possibilities. Embrace all aspects of it to thrive! Immerse yourself in nature, express your creativity, and navigate suffering as part of the journey. To live fully is to be open to change within.

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Awaken your infinite potential

Discover the path to profound healing and personal growth in therapy. My approach blends EMDR, somatic techniques, and transpersonal wisdom, offering a therapeutic process designed to help you navigate and integrate life’s complexities. I provide a safe space to make sense of your experiences and reinforce lasting change.


Transform & Empower Yourself:

Eco Therapy
spiritual counseling
EMDR therapy
PTSD Therapy
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Who is this best suited for

Therapy is for everyone...

If you want to gain better control of your emotional life and change your behavior or attitudes.

If you're seeking personal growth, therapy provides compassionate guidance and insight in your daily life.

For anyone aspiring to explore beyond what they think is possible and who want to reach their full potential.

Get above the clouds to see a higher vantage point.

Travis Rios

“Join me in person or in my virtual office, where growth and healing await. Begin your journey today.”

Therapy Consultation

Write your own life story

I believe in empowering you to author the next chapters of your life with clarity and purpose. My blend of therapy offers a path to rewriting the narratives that no longer serve you, facilitating profound personal transformation. I can help guide you in making meaningful connections in your experiences, enabling a deeper understanding of your life’s story.

Personalized Therapy

Step-By-Step Process

Getting to Know You

Let's make a plan

We can identify areas of your life that could use some work. How does your past impact the present? What resources do you have now that can nourish and uplift you in times of stress and difficulty?

Doing and Feeling Differently

Putting it into action

Now that we have a roadmap, it’s time to shift gears into the life you want. What thoughts, behaviors, or beliefs need to be shed to grow into the person you want to be? You can make it happen, if you allow yourself to believe.

Maintaining the Changes

When things get tough, lean into your strengths

You are resilient and deserving of change. Perfection is a process, not a destination. There may be setbacks and bumps in the road, but you will overcome them if you stay on course.

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