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About Me

Specializing in EMDR and Transpersonal Therapy

Travis Rios, LMFT

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🤝 Why Choose Me?

✨ Trusted Professional: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist; I have served clients for over 10 years to help set their lives on the right track.
✨ Seasoned, Experienced Therapist: I have worked in several community mental health settings and am comfortable working with whatever you may bring to the therapy space.
✨ EMDR Therapy: Trained by the EMDR Institute, I help clients resolve their worst symptoms in less time than traditional talk therapy.
✨ Specialized in Trauma and PTSD: My professional qualifications and experience are geared towards helping clients who have experienced life-altering traumas to find peace and acceptance so that the weight of the past no longer defines the present.
✨ Dedicated Client Advocacy: I will face the struggle alongside you and help you navigate systemic issues to find empowerment and results by overcoming adversity.
✨ Hablo Español: Aunque me parezco un poco gringo, soy Mexicano por parte de mi padre, y he ayudado a muchos hispanohablantes a mejorar sus vidas por la terapia.

What have I learned as a therapist...

- Your circumstances don't have to be your fate.

- Failures are opportunities for growth and learning.

- There is always a way to change.

- YOU define you, and no one else can.

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